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Two new releases because winter is coming

The first one was made last winter after an week of extensive hiking in the forests of the Belgian Ardennes. It was released as a CD-R on the Japanese Kirigirisu recordings.

The second one is a cassette on Ghent based Kerm records. It was meant to appear on LP a couple of years ago but that somehow never happened. Now it’s seeing the light after all, thanks to this release.


These are two of my most recent releases. ‘A forest of drones and pulses’ was released at the end of 2013 on SicSic tapes. ‘Moon rabbit’ just came out with some delay on Sonic Meditations. Both releases were released as limited edition cassettes and digitally.

Music so far?

Here’s a list of what I’ve recorded and released so far, solo and band:

On Tape

Ed Nolbed – Ajjenol – Toothpick/Studiomuscle

Ed Nolbed – Nolbedlam – Studiomuscle

Lowbrow – Ahmetwin – Cactus Gum Recordings

Ed Nolbed – Highle Edible – Cactus Gum Recordings

Ed Nolbed – Made In & After Austria – Bacchannalian Revel

de portables – Zon i Bos – Studiomuscle

de portables – Omo Twist – Morc Records


Ed Nolbed – Living With The Wolf – Bacchanalian Revel

Ed Nolbed – A Letter To The Mountain Goats – Bacchanalian Revel

Ed Nolbed – Counting Several… vol.2 – Toothpick

Ed Nolbed – The Belgian Comp Vol.2 – Studiomuscle

Ed Nolbed – Waffles & Windmills – ? (tbc)

Köhn – Toothache 2 – Toothpick

On Vinyl

Köhn – Zesde Mixer – 12″ (split w/ Pimmon) – Staalplaat/Mixer

Köhn vs. Wio – Lullabies – 10″ – (K-RAA-K)³

Köhn – Tulsa For One Second Remix Project – 12″ – Aesthetics

Frambooze – Che’s Private Milky Way Mobile -1-sided LP – Ché Recordings

Frambooze – Double The Fun – 7″ – Drowning Man

de portables – John Terra – LP – Vlas Vegas


The Late Great Planet Earth Club – The Club Itself – R&S/Apollo

Köhn – s/t – (K-RAA-K)³

Köhn – Köhn² – (K-RAA-K)³

Köhn – Koen (2cd) – (K-RAA-K)³

Köhn – Bruce Willis (CDep) – Western Vinyl

Jürgen De Blonde – Hidden Rabbit – Tomlab

de portables – – Summersault/Ubik

de portables – Rosegarden – (K-RAA-K)³

de portables – Girls Beware! – (K-RAA-K)³

Köhn vs. de portables – Op Visite Bij Tante Klara – (K-RAA-K)³

Super Reverb – Avant Garde Is The French Word For Shit – Earsugar

Bherman – Attitudes – Kreapi

Bherman – Two Boys – Kreapi

Circle – Prospekt – Ektro Records

Dirk Wachtelaer & Köhn – Evening & Morning – FMR Recordings

Vanishing Pictures – FMR Recordings

Heleen Vanhaegenborg, Kristof Roseeuw, Lander Ghyselink & Jürgen De Blonde – Cinéma Invisible – entr’acte



Stereo² – for 2 identical cd’s

Rebecca Lenaerts & Jürgen De Blonde – Trekvogels/Oiseaux Voyageurs